Fragrant Iris

Fragrant Bearded Iris

Fragrance is often an overlooked quality of the bearded irises. This can be difficult to understand because the perfumes produced from some of these fragrant flowers vary from light and sweet to heavily scented, dusky and even a "chocolate" essence. If you specifically want scented bearded iris flowers, you will be pleased with the following selection from our range of fragrant irises.

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Looking for the most fragrant bearded Iris? Try using the search function for the word "pronounced" which should return all the varieties that have a pronounced fragrance.

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5.75 5.00
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(Monty Byers, 1989) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), EM-M & RE S. gold; gold crests over styles that blend from violet at top to gold base; F. bronzy golden brown, small white area at hafts overlaid with golden brown lines; violet beard tipped gold; heavily ruffled; slight spicy fragrance.
Ominous Stranger
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(Sterling Innerst, 1993) TB, 34 inches (86 cm), M S. muted yellow, trimmed muted purple and dotted with tiny brown spots; F. muted yellow, trimmed muted purple, tiny brown dots all over; beards bronze, trimmed blue white; slight fragrance. HM 1995, AM 1997.
Orinoco Flow
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(C. Bartlett 1993) BB 25 inches (64 cm), EM-L. White ground plic; deep purple blue on edge of the standards , hafts, top edge of the falls.Fragrant Iris. EDM 1994
Pacific Destiny
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(Larry Lauer, 1993) TB, 34 inches (86 cm), EM Heavily ruffled medium sky blue; beards white, tipped blue; slight fragrance. HM 1995, AM 1999.
Parquet Lady
15.00 12.50
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(O. Schick, 2003) BB, 26 inches (66 cm), M S. and style arms chocolate caramel; F. yellow ground, chocolate caramel edge; beards yellow orange; laced; slight musky fragrance. (Parquet x Spanish Leather) X Lady Fire
Pass The Shades
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(T.Burseen 1994) TB 37 inches (94 cm), EM S. bright yellow orange F. red with pronounced yellow rim; beards gold; ruffled, flared; spicy fragrance. Role Model X Indoctrination.
Perfect Pitch
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(J.Gatty 1992) TB 36 inches (91 cm), ML S-dark violet F-violet B-marine purple tipped chrome yellow throat;fragrant HM 1994
Planned Treasure
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(E. Burger, 1985) TB, 34 inches (86 cm), E-L S-flesh pink F-white with orchid purple band B-tangerine;fragrance. Timely Treasure X Dream Romance. HM 1988.
Point Made
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(S.Innerst 1988) TB 32 inches (81 cm), E-M S-bronze gold F-creamy white,trimmed-speckled plum blue black B-bronze plum;fragrant HM 1990
Prank.jpg Prank
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(Keith Keppel, 2000) SDB, 9 inches (23 cm), EM Aureolin yellow shaded pyrethrum yellow, F. faintly darker; beards periwinkle blue; pronounced sweet fragrance. Spanish Empire X Easter.
Princess Bride
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(George Sutton, 2000) BB, 25 inches (64 cm), ML-VL S. white, midrib cream yellow; style arms creamy white; F. white, hafts yellow; beards bright yellow orange, creamy white at end; fluted; slight spicy fragrance. HM 2004.(G. Sutton 2000) BB Billowy and ruffled white with yellow highlights on the hafts.

Progressive Attitude
6.00 5.25
1919 Be the first one to write a review
(Sterling Innerst, 1992) TB RE, 36 inches (91 cm), EM S. white; F. white, narrow stitched blue edge; beards lemon, tipped white; slight musky fragrance. HM 1996. Reliable rebloom for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 7, 8, and 9.