Reblooming Iris

ZONES: The rebloom zone noted in the description is the lowest (or coldest) zone in which the iris has been noted to rebloom, and it has rebloomed in all higher zones. For example, "Rebloom to zone 4" means that this iris reblooms from zones 4 - 10, but not zones 1, 2, or 3. For more detailed information see our Glossary

In addition to blooming in the Spring, the reblooming iris varieties have the ability to bloom again in the Summer and Autumn. They are called Reblooming Iris. Autumn bloom cannot be guaranteed. It depends on the combination of location, climate, and amount of water. Reblooming Iris will require more watering in the warmer climates. Except for the following, all of the rebloomers are tall bearded Irises.

Intermediate Irises are Candy Rock, Concertina, Hi, and Honey Glazed.

Border bearded Irises are Headline Banner and Peach Reprise.

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(Monty Byers, 1990) TB, 34 inches (86 cm), EM-M & RE Ruffled white; white beard tipped yellow. Reliable rebloom for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 5 to 9.
Please enjoy the pictures of our Reblooming bearded Irises. Our Reblooming Irises are some of the best in the world.

The reliability information is based on our gardens in and the growing fields. The zone numbers are the lowest (coldest) zones that reblooms have been reported. An Iris with a zone 6 should be able to rebloom in zones 6 and up.