Dwarf Bearded

Excellent for borders and rock gardens. Wonderful addition to any English Garden

One of the nicest surprises is the blooming of the Dwarf Bearded Iris. Its height ranges from 8 to 15 inches tall, and the plants fit neatly into rock gardens. They are wonderful for edgings and, when in bloom, the delicate flowers are a real highlight. As a result of the great variety of colours available, they can be chosen to blend in with other flowers and foliage. Dwarf Bearded Iris are suitable for planting in outdoor tubs. They start blooming in early Spring, and continue for several weeks up to the early beginnings of the Tall Bearded Iris blooming season. Standard Dwarfs are well known for forming large, rapidly growing clumps that form beautiful masses of colour.

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(M.Byers 1989)SDB 13 inches (33 cm), E-L & RE S.deep violet;F.deeper velvety violet;B.blue.
Caution-Sign.jpg Caution Sign
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(George Sutton, 1996) SDB, 11 inches (28 cm), EM & RE S. and style arms pale yellow; F. yellow gold; beards yellow gold, base white. Blitz X Jazzamatazz
Havitur-Way.jpg Havitur Way
35.00 20.00
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(Robert Annand by Robert Marshall 2015) SDB 12 inches M S, light creamy olive with lavender midrib and wash on the lower half of the petal, fluted. Style arms: light lavender with olive crests. F medium olive with darker olive veins and a hint of purple on the hafts. Fluted. Introduced by Nola's Iris Garden 2015
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(Schreiners, 1968) SDB, 14 inches (36 cm), E S pure sunflower yellow; F sunflower yellow with central part of each petal prominently marked with thumbprint rich maroon-red.
Stitch Witch
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(A. & D. Willott, 1975). SDB 13 1/2 inches (34 cm) E-M. S. white, neatly stitched blue-violet; blue-violet stylearms; F. white, neatly stitched blue-violet with a white beard. Carousel Princess X Gunga Din.
Prank.jpg Prank
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(Keith Keppel, 2000) SDB, 9 inches (23 cm), EM Aureolin yellow shaded pyrethrum yellow, F. faintly darker; beards periwinkle blue; pronounced sweet fragrance. Spanish Empire X Easter.