Fragrant Iris

Fragrant Bearded Iris

Fragrance is often an overlooked quality of the bearded irises. This can be difficult to understand because the perfumes produced from some of these fragrant flowers vary from light and sweet to heavily scented, dusky and even a "chocolate" essence. If you specifically want scented bearded iris flowers, you will be pleased with the following selection from our range of fragrant irises.

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Looking for the most fragrant bearded Iris? Try using the search function for the word "pronounced" which should return all the varieties that have a pronounced fragrance.

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Devil's Lake
7.00 6.25
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(Schreiner 1999) TB, 39 inches (99 cm), ML Dark navy blue self,,yellow in throat HM 2001
Doctor Dark
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(T.Burseen 1994) TB 36 inches (91 cm), EM Glossy dark grape violet B-dark purple;musky fragrance
Dodge City
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(Larry Lauer, 1995) TB, 38-40 inches (97-102 cm), E S. bronze tan overtoned melon; style arms bronze tan; F. bronze tan, slight blue violet flash around tangerine beard; slight sweet fragrance. HM 1998, AM 2000. Fragrant iris.
Double Dose
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(Tom Burseen, 1996) TB, 37 inches (94 cm), M Ruffled red purple self; beards cream; pronounced musky fragrance.
Double Shot
10.00 9.25
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(G. Sutton,2000) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), EML & RE S. white, sanded violet blue; style arms violet blue; F. white, heavily striped violet blue; beards white, hairs tipped yellow; slight sweet fragrance. Point in Time X G-83: (Garden Grace x Bountiful Harvest).
Dream Indigo
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(Cy Bartlett, 1994) IB, 23 inches (58 cm), M S. storm grey; F. violet indigo; beards deep grey; waved, ruffled; moderate sweet fragrance. Fragrant iris.
East Indian Spice
9.00 7.50
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(J. Gibson,1997) TB, 35 inches (89 cm), EM S. amber gold, brown orange midrib and flecking; F. gold, 1/2 inches plicata rim and sanded pattern of orange brown; beards orange yellow; ruffled, laced; slight spicy sweet fragrance. Magic Hope X Gigolo.
Ebony-Angel.jpg Ebony Angel
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(L.Johnson 2000) TB 38 inches (97 cm), M Bluish purple black B-matching;slight spicy sweet fragrance HM 2002
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Price 10.80 5.00
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Edith P. Wheeler
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(Mc Whirter 1995) TB 36 inches (91 cm) ML. The standards are gold-honey caramel and the falls are brown-burgundy blend, violet blaze; gold beards. Pronounced sweet fragrance. HM 1997
Electric Surge
7.00 6.00
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(J.Weiler,1992) TB, 37 inches (94 cm), ML Lightly ruffled palest blue violet; beards very dark violet; slight sweet fragrance.
Elsiemae Nicholson
7.00 6.25
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(G.Corlew 1986) TB 36 inches (91 cm), M-L Peach pink,lighter in center of F B-bright tangerine;slight fragrance HM 1988
Emperor's Delight
8.50 7.00
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(Schreiner's 1997) TB, 39 inches (99 cm), L Purple self B-purple,hairs tipped white;slight fragrance HM 1999