About Us

Our Company has been established specifically to act as selling and distribution agents in the U.K. and Europe for Prevost Ranch and Gardens, located in the San Francisco Bay area in California, USA.

As our relationship to Prevost Ranch and Gardens is family rather than simply a business one, we are able to ensure that your order will receive our utmost attention in order to supply you with the irises of your choice. As mentioned elsewhere on the WebSite, for promotional purposes and for a limited time only, our prices, which are below what many claim to be "wholesale," are being offered at cost only. Although prices will increase in due course, we will continue to remain very competitive, providing a top quality, true to name and blooming-size iris.

We ship in September. If you have requested a special date-preference, which we will do our best to accomodate. Unless you have specified "No Substitutions," we may need to substitute an iris with a like or similar variety on the rare occasions when we are out of stock or sold out of the plant of your choice. We are sure that you will not be disappointed in our selection! You can also e-mail us if you wish to change part of your original order prior to the shipping period.

Please feel free to e-mail or telephone us if you have any questions.

Chailey Iris Garden - Bearded Irises
Holford Manor,Holford Manor Lane, North Chailey, Lewes,
East Sussex BN8 4DU
Phone: 01444 470157
E-Mail: orders@bearded-iris.co.uk