Desert Legacy

Border Bearded Iris Desert Legacy (Margie Valenzuela, 2012) BB, (Margie Valenzuela, 2012) TB,

Desert Legacy - is a Border Bearded Rebloomer! This beauty not only RE blooms for up to 3 months here, but in northern California as well. In Southern Arizona it reblooms in Nov, Dec. and Jan. (given conditions are right for it), and In California it began blooming in August until their first frost. Super great grower and increaser. I haven't any idea as to if it reblooms elsewhere yet. It's thin white edges are a plus. Sdlg. LED-06-B, BB. 24-26" E., M., L. and REbloomer! Stands and style arms are mulberry/dk. pink with mulberry - dk. pink-violet mid-ribs and slight white edges. Style arms are the same only with hues of yellow, tan, and orange. Falls are a deeper mulberry. It is white around the beard with mulberry plicata markings and pale yellow shading. Thin white edges.

Parentage: Lichen x Exclusive Design

Reblooms in August, and in the fall. In California from August to first freeze.

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